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Patients shouldn’t suffer with ankle pain or dismiss it as a normal part of aging. We use a full range of therapies to help ease patients’ symptoms and get them back on their feet.

Common Ankle Problems


People should visit an orthopedic physician whospecializes in treating the ankle ifthey’re in persistent pain or if their ankle becomes deformed or unstable.


Orthopedic foot and ankle specialists can recommend corrective
treatments or procedures that help stabilize the ankle, reduce
pain and prevent the joint from deteriorating even further



Many people think their ankle sprains are minor injuries. They may start walking or participating in sports before it heals. This increases the risk of reinjury, chronic ankle instability and the need for ankle surgery. It is imperative that you visit a ankle specialist to assess your injury. 


For those patients who do require surgery to repair ankleinstability, a new minimally invasive procedure has beendeveloped by Dr. Acevedo.



Dr. Acevedo is seeing great results with this procedure. Patients experience less pain and scarring than with traditional open surgery, and in most cases recover faster.



People with diabetes are at greater risk for foot ulcers, infections and amputation.Our goal is to help people with diabetes keep their feet healthy so they can stay mobile. People who are physically active are better able to control their disease and enjoy their lives.


Each patient who develops acute or chronic foot disease is evaluated and an individualized treatment plan is prescribed to stimulate healing.

Treatments may include: use of advanced wound care dressings and topical products; surgical debridement to remove unhealthy tissue;infection, hyperbaric oxygen or compression therapy; skin grafts; and education to teach patients how to take care of wounds and prevent future wounds.

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