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Ankle Fusion or Ankle Replacement?


Before ankle replacement technology there was ankle fusion where surfaces of the ankle joint are removed surgically to allow the bones to grow together.

For a time, this treatment for severe arthritis was considered “the gold standard,” even though drawbacks include an 80 percent loss in ankle motion.

“I still do ankle fusions, primarily for patients who have medical problems other  than arthritis, or who have problems with healing,” says Dr.Jorge Acevedo, MD. “Because of the improvement in implants, I have more confidence in total ankle replacements than ever before.”


“The key to making that choice is an experienced surgeon who can spot a candidate for replacement,” he says.

Dr. Jorge Acevedo

Dr. Jorge Acevedo, MD


Dr. Acevedo is a Board Certified surgeon that has been in practice for over 15 years at The Center for Bone & Joint Surgery of the Palm Beaches. Dr. Acevedo is an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon who specializes in arthroscopic and minimally invasive techniques.

Dr. Acevedo Patient Testimonials:

"The level of care was excellent. Dr. Acevedo listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions thoroughly. He and his team spent as much time with me as was needed; I never felt rushed. The results of my total ankle replacement have been wonderful. I have already recommended Dr. Acevedo to others, and will continue to do so." –Bob T.

"I had an amazing experience with Dr. Acevedo and team. I fractured both heels and was referred to him due to his experience. In the hospital right after it happened I was told I may not play tennis again. It has been 4 months since the surgery and I am starting to play again. He is gifted, thoughtful, dedicated, and passionate. I showed up for an appt on the wrong day and I was back within 10 min. I had a flare up one afternoon; I called and they had an appt for me at 8 the next morning. THANK YOU! Buck W.

"Dr. Acevedo is an excellent surgeon and human being. I have never met a more caring surgeon. He is extremely competent and top notch. Jacksonville is lucky to have him. I am so glad I found Dr. Acevedo after my extensive ankle fractures." - MW

Foot and Ankle Replacement

TOTAL Ankle Replacement




Dr. Acevedo, MD, performed

South Florida’s first PROPHECY total

ankle replacement at WRMC.


“I work with the engineers at Wright

Medical to produce ‘guides’ specific

to each individual case before the

surgery even starts. This pre-operative

planning reduces guesswork to almost

nothing. It increases accuracy and

shortens operating time, making the

procedure safer for patients.” - Dr. Jorge Acevedo

Let Dr. Acevedo Help With....

  • Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery

  • Sports Injuries 

  • Arthroscopic Ankle Ligament Repair

  • Arthroscopic Ankle Fusions

  • Arthroscopic Cartilage Repair

  • Total Ankle Replacement 

  • Traumatic Injuries

  • Ultrasound Guided Injections

  • Growth Factor/prp Therapy

  • Revision Surgery


  • Vascular Assessment 

  • Complete Diabetic Foot & Ankle Care

  • Complete Wound Care

  • Shock Wave Therapy

  • Complete Bunion Care

  • Overall Foot and Ankle Care

Why Choose Dr.Jorge Acevedo For Your Orthopedic Care?

  •   Florida's Premiere Orthopaedic Surgeon.

  •  Over 15 years of experience.

  •  Leader and Innovator in the field of  Orthopaedics.

  •  Expert on all conditions pertaining to the Foot and Ankle.

  •  Explores non-invasive alternatives.

  • Advance Foot and Ankle Training.




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